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Description of Location
Newberry Volcano is one of the largest and youngest volcanoes in the United States. It consists of over 400 individual volcanic vents, which, when combined, form a broad mounded landform referred to as a ‘shield volcano’. Newberry Volcano centered about 30 miles southeast of Bend, Oregon, covers an area in excess of 600 square miles. Davenport Newberry leases over 40,000 acres (60 square miles) of Federal geothermal leases administered by the BLM. Davenport Newberry’s leases are located outside the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, a special area established by Congressional action based on the recommendation of a citizens’ committee that included representatives of the community, environmental groups, government, and the geothermal, timber and recreation industries. This Monument Committee designated areas located outside the Monument boundary for logging and geothermal use.

Project Description
Davenport's work at Newberry is currently in the exploration phase focusing on enhancing the value of its geothermal leases and proving out the geothermal production capacity of a targeted portion of leases. In 2008, two exploration wells were drilled to depths over 10,000 feet and encountered bottom hole temperatures > 600 degrees F. One of theses wells intersected hydrothermal veins and has been classified as a discovery well.

In 2010, Davenport was awarded a $5 million matching DOE grant for the “Validation of Innovative Exploration Technologies”.  This grant is being used to further Davenport’s exploration efforts at Newberry, including further study of the area around the Davenport well classified as a discovery well.  The ongoing geophysical analysis is intended to more fully evaluate the locations and extent of high-temperature zones and to identify hydrothermal and EGS drilling targets.

In addition, Davenport has partnered with AltaRock Energy, Inc., a leading specialist in Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) technology. Together, the companies were awarded a $21.4 million matching U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grant to create and test an EGS reservoir using AltaRock’s hydroshearing technology and one of the wells drilled by Davenport in 2008.  Our goal is to bring the price of EGS in line with existing utility rates to demonstrate that EGS at Newberry can be an economically viable source of baseload renewable energy. More information on the Newberry EGS Demonstration Project may be found here .